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Over 80% of the beer consumed on Earth is a blonde lager. Not that there’s anything wrong with blonde lagers, just … yeah.  There’s so much more out there.  The modern craft beer movement is called a revolution because it transformed what beer could be. The revolution started small, in the basements and garages of people who demanded better beer. Today, well, craft beer is the fastest growing alcohol segment in the world.  Modern craft beer is sweeping the globe, inspiring a new generation of brewers and redefining the beverage.

What is craft beer anyhow?  Craft beer is different in 3 key ways:

It’s brewed by small breweries.
This matters because it’s about small batches and attention to the finer details. You just can’t get that nuance when you’re brewing a bajillion liters at a time.
It’s brewed by independent breweries.
The craft beer revolution started in the 1970s as a revolt against a market saturated with boring industrial beer. Small, independent producers stood up to bring artisan creativity back to beer. The big corporate behemoths steer by spreadsheets – and it shows in the beer. Indy breweries share a common passion – and it shows in the beer.
It’s brewed with 100% natural ingredients.
Yep, no formaldehyde here.  Also no artificial flavors, syrups, adjuncts, enhancers, coloring, preservatives – you know … the fake stuff.  Think shimmering fields of barley, towering bines of hops – you know … beer ingredients.  Turns out, it makes better beer.  Go figure.  

      But there’s something else about craft beer that’s harder to define.  It’s culture.  Innovation and creativity is in the DNA for many of the world’s best craft brewers.  It's what propels them out to the frontiers and fringes of beer development.  If traditional beer can be described as a history museum, showcasing old-world styles brewed exactly the same way for untold years; then craft beer would be like a modern art museum – it’s what’s happening now, always evolving, growing, turning into what’s next.

      Craft beer is not about finding the beer you’ll drink the rest of your life – though that’s cool.  It’s more about the constant search for new, interesting and different beers.  We like to call it the search for beer enlightenment.  The search for Beervana.